Guest Commentary: Incredibly Affirming and Wrenchingly Sad

A few White men at the March on Washington, from a leader of the B Corp movement

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Generation Change Philly: The Literary Activist

Few Philadelphians have had so seismic an impact in so short a time as Jeannine Cook, social justice activist and owner of Harriett’s Bookshop. And she’s just getting started

By Lauren McCutcheon

Ideas We Should Steal: Reduce Gun Violence Through Better Policing

While murder and shootings have spiked in Philly and elsewhere, both Camden and Newark have made progress in reducing gun violence by adopting smart policing techniques. Why don’t we do what they’ve done?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Let’s Say Black Lives Mattered

A Penn professor and novelist on what life would be like if we could see the sacred in each other

By Lorene Cary

Answering Rodney

What last week's meeting between Black and Jewish leaders tells us, now that the local head of the NAACP has been jettisoned for an anti-Semitic posting

By Larry Platt

Oy Vey, DeSean!

The reaction to the NFL star’s anti-Semitic postings flips the usual script … and may just offer a constructive way forward in Black / Jewish relations

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Just How Much Influence Does the Philly FOP Have?

WURD’s afternoon host suggests we follow the money—and that grassroots groups start playing the same political game

By Charles D. Ellison

Guest Commentary: On Race And Place, Philly Needs One Set of Rules

A good government advocate finds the common thread in Black Lives Matter and anti-median parking activists

By Brett Mandel