Philly Corruption All-Stars (The Full List)

Get 'em all here. Print, trade with outraged

Philly Corruption All-Stars (The Full List)

Get 'em all here. Print, trade with outraged

Our corrupt culture is unique, and it’s easy to forget that when you’re in the throes of the latest scandal. That’s why we’re publishing our Philly Corruption All-Stars, baseball card-like profiles of the best—er, worst—practitioners of political black arts, Philly-style. Though we’re committed to being a constructive force for making the city better, we think these cards are necessary to hammer home an important point: We have a longstanding cultural issue before us.

We’ve been publishing our All-Stars by decade. Now that we’re finished, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF version of all the cards so you can print them out and trade them with your friends. Find that by clicking here:


Of course, we’re having fun with this, but it’s really no laughing matter. Our research for these tongue in cheek posts shows that things have gotten worse, not better. Just think of recent history, and the respective falls of Seth Williams, Kathleen Kane, Chakah Fattah, and Rob McCord—to just name a few. The culture is alive. The virus is spreading.

Here at The Citizen, we’re always looking for solutions. This time, it’s not so complicated: We need good men and women among us to demand better of those we hire to represent us.

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