Overheard at Tredici: Talking with David Cohen

Comcast's Senior Executive Cice President and longtime civic leader on his career, how he defines leadership and how Philly city government stands in the way of new business

What’s the biggest mistake young people make when thinking about their career? Who is the biggest draw to Philadelphia for biotech businesses from around the country? How does City Council hamper business growth in Philly?

If there’s anyone who can answer these questions, it’s Comcast Senior Executive Vice President David Cohen, former chief of staff to Mayor Ed Rendell and current chairman of the board of the University of Pennsylvania—a giant, in other words, of business and civic life in Philadelphia.

In the launch of his 6ABC video series, Overheard at Tredici, lawyer/businessman/philanthopist Ajay Raju, The Citizen’s co-founder and himself a civic and business leader, interviews Cohen about his own career, how he has helped to shape future leaders, what he sees for the city—and how things could change for the better.

Watch their conversation here.

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