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You can follow Trey Burton’s lead by donating here or donating some time to the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance Bear Affair event in May. This fundraiser will host a live and silent auction to help raise funds for the organization and support the work they’re doing to help kids across the city.

Vinny Curry wants to support Philly kids on their academic path and launched his own organization to do so. Through Rush2Lead and Rush2Learn, Curry works to be a role model for kids in economically-challenged schools and community centers. By being a positive force in the classroom and providing books and technology tools, Curry helps kids get excited for school. Keep an eye out for upcoming events here and ways you can get involved.


Countdown To The Super Bowl: Social Impact Edition

This week, we bring you profiles of Eagles players who make a difference off the field. Today: Trey Burton and Vinny Curry

Countdown To The Super Bowl: Social Impact Edition

This week, we bring you profiles of Eagles players who make a difference off the field. Today: Trey Burton and Vinny Curry

As Citizen editor Larry Platt said this week, Sunday’s Super Bowl is about more than just Eagles vs. Patriots. It’s a cultural referendum for our time. “For there is no team more aligned with Donald Trump than the New England Patriots, both personally, and in terms of values represented,” he wrote.” And there is no team in professional sports as socially conscious as our Eagles.”

Leading up to the big game (Fly, Eagles, Fly!) we’ll profile two players a day whose commitment to social causes rivals their hustle and determination on the field. These are players who are using their time, money and platform to make the city and world a better place. In our eyes, that makes them winners no matter what.

Today, we’ll talk about one player who works to protect kids by donating to the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, and another who is giving back to his community by supporting kids in schools across Philly.

Trey Burton, Tight End

As a child of a single mother, Trey Burton turned to his late grandfather, John McClintock, and his two high school coaches, John Peacock and Larry Shannon as father figures. As an NFL athlete, Burton now gets involved with charities that help children overcome the struggles he faced without a father in his life.

Burton, along with teammates Jordan Hicks and Nick Foles, donated $50,000 to the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes healing and justice for victims of child sex abuse in Philadelphia, serving more than 3,000 children each year. They are now campaigning for the public to match that donation with the hashtag #Give5ToPCA.

“I think it is extremely important for kids to know about the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, just to know…that they have someone in their corner,” Burton said in a video on the PCA’s Give 5 To PCA website.

Check out the full video here.

Vinny Curry, Defensive End

The Rush2Victory Twitter page shows a picture of a pile of thank you cards from students at Alain Locke Elementary School, after Vinny Curry came to meet his young fans and speak with them about achieving academic excellence, as part of his Rush2Lead program.

Curry founded Rush2Victory with a mission to provide economically-challenged students with a voice of motivation, empowerment and encouragement. The Foundation also has a Rush2Learn program that provides books and technology tools to students in need.

Last season, Curry gave back to his community again by donating 200 Thanksgiving meals to families in need through his second annual Thanksgiving Rush program. After receiving a $10,000 donation from the NFL Players Association for his recognition as the Week 11 Community MVP, Curry repeated the effort by donating another 200 meals during the December holidays.

Trey Burton volunteers with local Philly org

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