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Affordable Housing, Development and the Future of the City

A recap of tweets, photos and videos from our panel discussion on affordable housing, development and the future of the city

Panelists Sonja Trauss, Karen Black and Jake Liefer
Panelists Sonja Trauss, Karen Black and Jake Liefer

On Monday night, nearly 80 people joined The Citizen to vent ideas and solutions for Affordable Housing, Development and the Future of the City at our offices at Industrious. Citizen Board Chairman and housing expert Jeremy Nowak moderated the panel that included Sonja Trauss, a controversial San Francisco housing advocate and graduate of Temple who helped start the San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation (BARF); Jake Liefer of Philadelphia’s 5th Square urbanist PAC; and Healthy Rowhouse Project‘s Karen Black.

The evening included a healthy hourlong discussion about the work these different groups are doing to increase affordable housing, in San Francisco and in Philadelphia. The solutions put forth were widespread—from a “build, baby, build” concept, to investing in the older properties we already have, to building more homes near public transportation. We shared highlights from the night on our Twitter feed which you can scroll through here:



We also caught video of our guests before the presentation started:

And after it was over, when the room was abuzz with chatter about what was talked about during the panel discussion.


Check out a handful of other photos we took throughout the night here:

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