Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2023: Troy Carter

The ahead-of-his-time West Philadelphia native, music mogul, early tech investor and school voucher advocate will talk about what’s next for Philly kids on November 17

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: Flock Safety Camera Network

The automatic license plate recognition system (ALPR) helped Atlanta police capture a mass shooter in May. Could it help Philly police put an end to rising car thefts and violence, as well?

By Courtney DuChene

Speed Cameras Save Lives. Why Are We Still Only Testing Out The Idea?

The first in a series on pilot programs looks at one that has deterred speeders and saved lives on Roosevelt Boulevard may not become permanent. How can Philly sustain — and keep track of — our City’s many such feasibility studies?

By J.P. Romney

Guest Commentary: Humans Must Control Human-Serving AI

Benefits Data Trust’s CEO — an AI advisor to the president — on what we must remember when using machines to deliver services to humans

By Trooper Sanders

Character Lab: Don’t Fear ChatGPT!

In the latest installment of our partnership with Angela Duckworth's Character Lab, an author and Columbia University business psychology professor says there's a key to managing AI fears: curiosity!

By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Ideas We Should Steal: No More Traffic Deaths

Six years ago, the City pledged to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist deaths. Instead, they’ve gone up. Can we take a lesson from … Hoboken?

By J.P. Romney

“The cutting edge of financial innovation”

Drexel’s Metro Finance head talks with impact investor Jonathan Tower on using private funds to hypercharge public investment in communities that need it most

By Bruce Katz

Are Cities Ready for a Manufacturing Renaissance?

As a new industrial transition hits the U.S., Drexel’s Metro Finance head lays out how Philly and other cities can capitalize on the boom

By Bruce Katz, Milena Dovali, Avanti Krovi and Victoria Orozco