Citizen of the Week: Hillary Do of Philly BOLT

The founder of Philly BOLT believes the key to transforming communities lies in trusting the people who live there to lead the way

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Act Now to Support Public Access TV

A teacher of technology to seniors discovered a new way to reach those in need through PhillyCAM, our city’s public access station, whose funding is being negotiated now. Here’s how you can keep it going

By Wayne Hunter

Business for Good: ZeroEyes

Navy SEALs founded a software company that detects firearms on security cameras. Schools, corporate campuses, the Department of Defense — and SEPTA — are signing up.

By Courtney DuChene

Social Media Is Not The News

We don’t need to “democratize” news through social media platforms. We need media literacy.

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: Without Collaboration, Innovation Will Stall

The CEO of a Delaware-based startup hub calls for Philly and its surrounding cities and states to work together to help companies — and the region — thrive

By William D. Provine

Citizen Updates: Hopeworks Comes to Kensington

The Camden-based tech training program opened in Kensington this month with plans to replicate its poverty-fighting work where it’s most needed

By Courtney DuChene

Listen: Ali Velshi on Zelensky’s Appeal to U.S. History

The Ukrainian president likened the situation in his country to two battles fought by Americans. MSNBC Host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi explains that both of these were turning points against an autocratic regime

By Ali Velshi

2023 Is the Year of the Local

With the federal government in disarray, Drexel’s Metro Finance head predicts cities — and those who live, work and manage them — will be the key to economic growth next year.

By Bruce Katz, Elijah E Davis, Avanti Krovi, Milena Dovali, Bryan Fike