The Fetterman Dress Code

Are you bothered by our U.S. Senator dressing like he’s at an Eagles game while doing his job for you in the U.S. Senate?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Ron DeSantis and the Politics of Dog Whistling

The Florida governor announced his presidential candidacy yesterday. A local businessman/philanthropist wonders, what do you think about what he is saying?

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Guest Commentary: Cleaner Streets are Key to Philly’s Success

Local business leaders on what the City must do to bring more visitors — and their economic impact — to Philadelphia

By Zach Wilcha and Greg DeShields

Guest Commentary: Who Couldn’t Vote in the Primary

One in two veterans — among about 1 million voters — will stay away from the polls on primary day because of Pennsylvania’s unfair election system. A fair elections advocate on how that can change

By David Thornburgh

Guest Commentary: Should PA Criminalize Safe Injection Sites?

Two addiction professionals say state and city legislatures need more information before voting to prohibit — or legalize — safe consumption sites

By Jonathan J. Koehler and Alexandra Koehler

Guest Commentary: How the Next Mayor Can Capitalize on Our City’s Best

The country’s poorest big city is nonetheless rich in other ways. Let’s find a mayor willing to combine Philadelphia’s successes with City services.

By Debra Weiner

Sit On It, Neighbor

Stoop (step?) sitting is fundamental to Philly rowhome living. Let’s bring it back, for all of our sakes

By Josh Kruger

Guest Commentary: Why Ed Rendell is For Rhynhart

The former mayor and governor's endorsement includes advice and a challenge on how to govern Philadelphia

By Edward G. Rendell