Now Can We Abolish the City Commissioners Office?

Republican Al Schmidt says he won’t run again. Is now the time to make a much-needed change to how our elections are run?

By Jon Geeting

The Fix: How About an Open, Transparent Government Run By… You?

Feeling alienated from your government, at all levels? Maybe we should open it up and change our relationship to it

By Larry Platt

Is Trumpism Without Trump PA’s Future?

Eight of nine state representatives voted against certifying Joe Biden’s win last week. That, says Philly 3.0’s engagement director, may bode poorly for upcoming state elections

By Jon Geeting

Charlottesville Comes to the Capitol

A day after thugs waving confederate flags and wearing “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirts breached the Capitol, a talk with a Trump-supporting Republican state senator offers some hope

By Larry Platt

Choose Democracy

The assault on the U.S. Capitol yesterday was (let’s hope) the nadir of our 240 year history. It’s time to pick a side: Are you for or against democracy?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Solve “The Lost Mile” for Hungry Philadelphians

Share Food has fed more than 1 million people a month since last March. That, says its executive director, has required some creative pivoting.

By George Matysik

Guest Commentary: The Politics of Witch Hunting

A local theater director on how Trump’s post-election Republican enablers have thrust us into a real-life version of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

By David Bradley

Jim Kenney’s New Year’s Resolutions

Here, advice for the mayor after the worst year ever. Hey, hope springs eternal, right?

By Larry Platt