Guest Commentary: The Forgotten and Future Epidemic

The rise of Covid-19 has made it even harder for those suffering from addiction. A non-profit rehab leader on why we must work to flatten that epidemic’s curve as well

By Dale Klatzker

Guest Commentary: Test. Open. Recover.

A soon-to-be Princeton grad and local resident calls on Gov. Wolf to use his powers to make testing more widely available. The state depends on it

By Thomas Koenig

Guest Commentary: Fund Housing. Save Lives.

Mayor Kenney has proposed slashing the Housing Trust Fund. A longtime affordable housing advocate on why that could mean disaster—for all of us

By Nora Lichtash

Who Wins and Who Loses?

Philly 3.0’s Engagement Director on who stands to gain—and who doesn’t—from Mayor Kenney’s post-Covid budget plan

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Universal Truths

A local citizen and business executive on the lessons we need to live now

By Carmen Ferrigno

Reality Check: Even a pandemic can’t stop the murders

Philly’s homicide rate continues to rise, even during the quarantine. Where, WURD’s mid-day host wonders, is Danielle Outlaw in all this?

By Charles D. Ellison

Disaster Optimism

Covid-19 is a catastrophe. Here, six ways to turn it into an opportunity for Philadelphia

By Diana Lind

Guest Commentary: Spread the Wealth

Small businesses can’t wait years to recover from Covid-19. The president of a West Philly business association coalition sent testimony to Congress on how to ensure they survive.

By Jabari Jones