What Reopening Plan?

Citing “worldwide best practice,” the City has locked down indoor dining, gyms, youth sports and more across Philly—but, as the Broad + Liberty co-founder notes, it will not share what’s needed to reopen

By Albert Eisenberg and Spencer Landis

Guest Commentary: Let Philly Be Our Guide Out of Our Divisions

The insights on government penned in the city centuries ago, and the work of religious and community organizations here today, point a way forward for America

By Thomas Koenig

A Predictable Powder Keg

Philly officials who overlooked the smoldering tensions around Aramingo Avenue did that neighborhood—and our city—a grave disservice

By Thom Nickels

Guest Commentary: Stupidest Ballot Question. Ever.

A Republican ward leader weighs in on Tuesday’s ballot question No. 1, a charter amendment that calls on the PPD to eliminate unconstitutional stop and frisk

By Matt Wolfe

Better Civics: Meeting People Where They Are

We hosted a block party during a pandemic, and it was great

By Jen Devor and Megan R. Smith

Ideas We Should Steal: Swap Columbus Day for an Election Day Holiday

The small city of Sandusky, Ohio, cancelled the out-of-step holiday in favor of one much needed. We should do that in Philly, too.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: What Do We Hold In Common?

Pres. Trump's refusal to agree to a peaceful transition of power reveals the dysfunction of American politics. One local resident wonders if there is reason for optimism amidst the current terror

By Thomas Koenig

Guest Commentary: More Jobs, Less Violence

An emergency room doctor on the frontline of Philly’s homicide epidemic calls for a new approach to ending gun violence: Economic opportunity

By Kevin M. Baumlin