Philly’s Ultimate 2022 Do Good, Feel Good, Give Good Gift Guide

This Philadelphia holiday gift guide checks all of the boxes.

By Jessica Blatt Press and Maggie Press

Fun Things to Do in Philly this Weekend

Tina Turner, Taylor Swift tribute, punk rock props, so much winter holiday stuff

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

The Citizen Recommends: Free Speech Film Festival

The American INSIGHT festival, which culminates with an awards program in Philadelphia on Saturday, explores a fundamental insight: Without free speech, we aren’t really free.

By Lauren Earline Leonard

Art for Change: The Collaborator

Nia Benjamin makes experimental theater that’s not just experimenting on stage — it’s also experimenting with the process itself, allowing for collaboration and room to breathe

By Logan Cryer

The Odyssey of the 2022 Phillies

A long-time college president returns home from her own professional journey to find the Phillies creating a mythic framework for hope

By Elaine Maimon

Will Walt Whitman Be In The Phillies Lineup Tonight?

According to the team’s unlikeliest fan, Penn Professor Sarah Gronningsater, he already is — spiritually. Because of all the sports, only baseball reveals America to itself.

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: The Tunnel Premiere

West Philadelphia filmmaker Kyle Jordan debuts a suspenseful short about the lingering, haunting effects of everyday Black trauma

By Lauren McCutcheon

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Melissa with Alex Gino

MSBNC's Ali Velshi speaks with the acclaimed trans author about the effects of book banning

By Ali Velshi