Problem Solving Must-Reads: Using Design to Address Poverty

Plus: Plastic wrap oade out of milk, and emission-free parcel delivery vehicles

Problem Solving Must-Reads: Using Design to Address Poverty

Plus: Plastic wrap oade out of milk, and emission-free parcel delivery vehicles

Here at The Citizen, we do problem-solving journalism, looking for ideas and solutions to move the region forward and make a better city. Here are some other great ideas for solving the world’s problems, from media outlets around the globe:

The Plastic Wrap of the Future Will Be Made Out of Milk

Photo: Vice

Right outside Philadelphia, chemical engineers are revolutionizing how we store our snacks. Instead of plastic wrapped around a cheese stick, an impatient nibbler can chomp right on the wrapper—because the wrapper is made of milk. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Eastern Regional Research Center in Wyndmoor is funding research into isolated forms of casein found in cow milk, hoping to use them to create edible and sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap. In addition to reducing plastic waste, this technology could also benefit dairy farmers who have a surplus of milk products. (via Munchies)

London's Infamous Air Has The City Investing In An Electric Package Delivery Service

Photo: Fast CoExist

Every time someone purchases an item from Amazon or Zappos, it may save them a car trip to the mall, but it still contributes to pollution. In fact, in London, the biggest contributor to their poor air quality is delivery vans, a problem which is only expected to grow by 20 percent in the next 15 years. Gnewt Cargo is combating this by creating a fleet of all-electric delivery vehicles, able to deliver 20,000 packages per day in London. And Gnewt Cargo (which stands for Green New Transport Cargo) even has London’s transport authority on board to help provide funding. Gnewt will both consolidate deliveries and be emission-free. (via Fast CoExist)

How Design Projects Can Help Tackle America’s Poverty Crisis, One Community At A Time

Designers across the country have been helping to solve some of society’s most urgent problems at a local level. Sixty such projects are featured in an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York City. The exhibition is called “By the People: Designing a Better America,” and features socially responsible designs solving issues from cities across the country. The genius ideas include trash into art as a pathway for homeless women, closing the digital divide in NYC, and a community station to connect people at the nation’s most trafficked border in California. (via Huffington Post)

Header photo via courtesy of Huffington Post

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