Keep the Momentum of Change Going

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, let’s remember that the work towards racial justice is not over. Here, 13+ ways to make change

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: Changing Police Culture

A retired police sergeant on abuse of power, systemic reform and the deadly problem with “Contempt of Cop”

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Guest Commentary: Stupidest Ballot Question. Ever.

A Republican ward leader weighs in on Tuesday’s ballot question No. 1, a charter amendment that calls on the PPD to eliminate unconstitutional stop and frisk

By Matt Wolfe

Does Police Reform Include Better Policing?

A virtual panel discussion last week was full of talk of reform. But you wouldn’t have known we’re in the midst of a tragic murder epidemic

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: Ambitious Mental Health Training for Cops

Basic mental health first aid training is de rigueur in many police forces. Tucson, Arizona, takes its approach further.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Ideas We Should Steal: Police as Guardians Not Warriors

Critical thinking, empathy and kindness are saving lives from Scotland to Florida. Why not in Philly?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Reality Check: Even a pandemic can’t stop the murders

Philly’s homicide rate continues to rise, even during the quarantine. Where, WURD’s mid-day host wonders, is Danielle Outlaw in all this?

By Charles D. Ellison

Don’t-Blame-Me Policing

While Mayor Kenney hides and Police Commissioner Richard Ross and DA Krasner point fingers, the chalk outlines accumulate

By Larry Platt