Business for Good: The Merchants Fund

The 150-year-old organization gives help to small businesses when they need it, $10,000 at a time

By Patrick Bilow

Dear Gentlemen, Your 60-year-old Wedding Pics are Ready

Decades after having photos from their same-sex Philly-area ceremony confiscated, a search is on for the owners of a historic set of prints. Can they be found before it’s too late?

By Nick Fiorellini

Event: A Conversation with Ali Velshi and Richard Vague

At a Citizen members event at the Fitler Club, the MSNBC host and the philanthropist/businessman talked about the economy, politics and the goodness of Americans

Ideas We Should Steal: Neighbor-powered realty co-ops

In Minneapolis, neighbors joined together to develop property in their community. Could that approach ensure Philly residents benefit from their changing neighborhoods too?

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: Voting to give away $1 million

The Philadelphia Foundation is celebrating its centennial with transformative gifts to nine local nonprofits. You can help decide which ones

By Nick Fiorellini

Foodizen: Dinner on the Farm

What’s even better than a farm-to-table dinner? A farm-to-farm table dinner, that also helps keep small, sustainable farms afloat

By Katherine Rapin

The Citizen Recommends: Funding the Hustle

Resolve Philly hosts a free event to answer all your small business questions

By Nick Fiorellini

Hahnemann Hypocrisy

Despite the rhetoric of Mayor Kenney, Helen Gym, and Bernie Sanders, the hospital’s fiscal woes are not new. What did they know and when did they know it?

By Larry Platt