The Best Outdoor Restaurants in Philly

Peruse our neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to discover dozens of cools spots to eat outdoors in Philly

By Christine Speer Lejeune, Josh Middleton and Katherine Rapin

How to Start Little Free Libraries in Your Neighborhood

After a year of majority-online activities, here’s how you can encourage someone to crack open a book by building a little free library

By Claire Wolters

The Optimist

Every day, Kevin Mahoney, CEO of University of Pennsylvania Health System, is rethinking the future of health care and partnering with anyone who buys into his vision. All this despite that 1.98 college GPA.

By Christine Speer Lejeune

“We’ve Just Got to Start Doing”

Art collectors/philanthropists Michael Forman and Jennifer Rice want to help Philly's cultural scene come back stronger—and more inclusive—than ever. With their $3 million Art Works initiative, they’re not waiting for anyone else’s permission.

By Jessica Blatt Press

A Brand, Not Just a Restaurant

Center City’s Tria Cafe brought back its beloved Fermentation School (virtually) to help it survive the pandemic. Who needs tables anyway?

By Jonathan Deutsch

Breaking Barriers to Black Health

Get Fresh Daily founder and recent Well City Challenge winner Jiana Murdic is making healthy food accessible to her community—with a special focus on Black moms like her

By Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme

10+ Fun and Do-Good Gifts for Your Mom (or Yourself)

Whatever your mom’s jawn may be, we have gift ideas for her this Mother's Day—and they're all ones that give back, to boot.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Watch: How Kindness Is the Key To Happiness

At The Citizen’s most recent virtual event, author/entrepreneur Brad Aronson and Dr. Vera Ludwig shared the science and stories behind doing good for others

By Jessica Blatt Press