Do Something: Talk Art and Activism

This week, run to flip Congress, go to an award winning musical, learn why Vivek Shraya is afraid of men, and more

By Meerabelle Jesuthasan

Do Something: Sip Bourbon with Malcolm Jenkins

This week, join Malcolm Jenkins for his foundation's annual charity event, look up at the night sky, support breastfeeding mothers, and more

By James Meadows



Vote That Jawn

Saturday, Sep 22, 2018
2 pm-4 pm

at Hamilton Commons at WHYY

Join The Citizen, Safe Kids Stories and other partners in getting out the youth vote

The Citizen Recommends: Philadelphia Inclusive Arts Festival

An inaugural arts festival highlighting inclusivity starts tomorrow with a goal of raising the voices of the underrepresented

By Jamie Bogert

Are B Corps An Elite Charade For Changing The World?

In anticipation of next Thursday's Citizen event, B Lab's co-founder argues in a Forbes column for giving capitalism for good a chance

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Do Something: Celebrate the Green Life

This week, learn about the origins of the #MeToo movement, boogie down for a cause, go green, and more!

By Maddie Martorano

Do Something: Paddleboard for Clean Water

This week, indulge in a vegan bake sale for immigrants, chow down on burgers for tenant's rights, and hop on a paddle board for clean water. Keep reading!

By Rick Dillenberger

CitizenCast: A Better City, One Solution at a Time

At The Citizen’s Solutions Open Mic Happy Hour, we heard from residents like you about their ideas for fixing what ails Philly. It gave us reason to hope

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy and J.P. Romney