The War On Growth

The city is banning cashless stores while the state cuts investment in tech startups. Remember when progressives used to believe in creating jobs?

By Larry Platt

The New Philadelphia Story

The coming age of Artificial Intelligence offers us a chance at reinvention. Will we be bold enough to take it?

By Ajay Raju

Business for Good: Time For A Capitalist Reformation

B Lab’s co-founder joins Larry Fink, Tucker Carlson and David Brooks in urging a new way to do business

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Business for Good: Choose to be Great

The co-founder of Berwyn-based B Lab interviews Australian B Corps Small Giants on why empathy and understanding are vital to business success

By Jay Coen Gilbert

The (Unanticipated) Effects of Opportunity Zones

The Nowak Metro Finance Lab Director on how the federal tax incentive might grow equitable wealth in cities beyond its intent

By Bruce Katz

Business For Good: Vote Your Bottom Line

B Lab’s co-founder on how every dollar businesses spend is a vote for the world they want to build and live in

By Jay Coen Gilbert

The Tax That Ate Philadelphia

The closing of a grocery in what will now be a food desert due to the soda tax may be a defining moment. Mayor Kenney’s response? A Trump-like personal attack

By Larry Platt

Business For Good: Giving PTSD the Attention it Deserves

Since The Citizen last checked in, local startup NeuroFlow has grown and pivoted‚ but its mission stays the same: Providing help to vets traumatized by war

By Meerabelle Jesuthasan