Do Something: Register to Vote!

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day by registering yourself and your friends. Plus, talk to cops and about race in schools and other ways to be a great citizen this week.

Do Something: Register to Vote!

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day by registering yourself and your friends. Plus, talk to cops and about race in schools and other ways to be a great citizen this week.

Every Monday we round up a handful of fun ways to get involved throughout the week to make your city better. Have ideas for upcoming events? Email tips here. And find more evergreen ways to get engaged in our handy Do Something guides.

Get ready to vote


The second most important day of the year is finally here! (No, not Black Friday.) It’s National Voter Registration Day. Pencil it in on your calendars, thumbtack it to your cork boards, put it up on the refrigerator—your voice needs to be heard in this year’s municipal and state election on November 7. So walk, bike, drive, run, web browse to your nearest registration site; ask your neighbors, remind your friends, announce it to your fellow SEPTA commuters. Everyone needs to become an integral part of our voting community. If you need help with the registration process, visit our Do Something guide to voting. Tuesday, September 26th, free, all day. Find local Voting Day events at

Work for an LGBTQ-friendly Philly

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Dedicated to the advancement and expanding opportunities for LGBTQ citizens of Pennsylvania, Equality Pennsylvania has long been at the forefront of change for LGBTQ movement in the Keystone State. Equality Pennsylvania lobbies at the municipal, state, and federal level to obtain equal rights, helping to establish the 44 state municipalities protecting LGBTQ members, the support of seven Pennsylvania mayors advocating for marriage equality, and an LGBTQ Equality Caucus in the General Assembly consisting of 58 members. Join Equality PA and Philadelphia community leaders as they discuss the PA Fairness Act, next steps for advancing the rights of our LGBTQ neighbors in the city of Brotherly Love. Thursday, September 28th 6 p.m.-8 p.m., free, The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square.

Reimagine race in schools

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Philadelphia has one of the most segregated school districts in the country, with shockingly few African American teachers for a city that is 50 percent black. This lack of diversity in schools speaks to socioeconomic as well as political concerns. Join WURD, WHYY, The Daily News, The Inquirer and for a discussion about the link between race and education, and the ramifications of that union on the community. Panelists include, Sarah Goldrick, professor of Higher Education Policy and Sociology at Temple University; Kristen Graham, education reporter for the Inquirer/Daily News; and Otis Hackney, Chief Education Officer for the City of Philadelphia, among others. Thursday, September 28th at 6 p.m.-8 p.m., free, Elon Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue.

Talk to your cops

The state of police-community relations may be at an all-time low across the United States, given the attention on the appalling number of police shootings of African American men and women over the last few years. One step forward is better communication between cops and their constituents. That’s the purpose of district meetings around the city—a chance for residents and police to come together to share complaints, concerns and strategize ways for better public safety in neighborhoods. This week, the 19th District in Southwest Philadelphia hosts a PSA Meeting. Come to be heard, and to listen. Thursday, September 28th, 7 p.m.-8 p.m., free, The Historic African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas-AECST, 6361 Lancaster Avenue, Please enter through parking lot on Overbrook Avenue.

Celebrate Care for Children

ChildLink, a division of the city’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, has spent the last 25 years helping our youngest and most vulnerable with necessary care. The organization has assisted some 40,000 developmentally disabled children and their families find the proper care and support. Join them as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary at City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza with family-friendly games and activities—as well as free developmental screenings and referrals for services.  Saturday, September 30th, 11 a.m. -3 p.m., free, but donations are encouraged, Dilworth Plaza, 1500 Market Street.

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