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EVENT: Solutions Open Mic Happy Hour


Do you have a creative solution to one of Philadelphia’s challenges? Do you have a challenge in need of a solution? We’ll give you the mic for 3 minutes to pitch your idea to The Citizen’s community of doers, disruptors, and members.

Last month, we heard ideas around litter, food recovery, minority access and criminal justice. This month, who knows? Let the change makers of Philly hear your thoughts and ideas for a better city and you might just end the night with the start of a collaboration or brand new perspective. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

Join us for a happy hour to share your ideas—or join us to meet the people who have them.

Brought to you in partnership with Young Involved PhiladelphiaEconomy League, Philly Startup Leaders, Venture for America and Civic Series.


Photo via Pixabay

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