Do Something: Remember the Lenape

This weekend, clean up Girard, learn about Philadelphia's public health, take a tour of Brewerytown, and more!

Do Something: Remember the Lenape

This weekend, clean up Girard, learn about Philadelphia's public health, take a tour of Brewerytown, and more!

Every Monday we round up a handful of ways to get involved throughout the week to make your city better and have fun doing it. Have ideas for upcoming events? Email us tips. Now get out and do something!

Live a healthier life

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In Philadelphia, 68 percent of adults and 41 percent of children suffer from obesity, a major health crisis nationwide. This Monday, join Temple’s College of Public Health for a lecture from Dr. David B. Sarwer, the Associate Dean for Research and Education for Public Health. arwer will explain how obesity is a major public health challenge for our city, and how we can keep ourselves healthy. Monday, April 22, 4 pm- 5 pm, Free with Registration, Ramonita G. de Rodriguez Library, 600 W. Girard Ave.

Remember the Lenape

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For centuries, the Lenape people lived on what is now called Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. However, when the early settlers came and took over their land, they were pushed out of our region and out of local, settler-colonial, mainstream narratives. Where did they go? What was their relationship with the 17th century Finn, Swede, Dutch, and English colonizers who came here? Find out from Claude Epstein, Professor Emeritus at Stockton University, during a lecture on the Lenape and their history and legacy. Tuesday, April 23, Starts at 1:30 pm, Free with Registration, Chestnut Hill Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, 8711 Germantown Ave.

Explore Brewerytown

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This Thursday, come learn about Brewerytown, and its rich place in Philadelphia history as a hub of immigrants. The area, which has undergone a cultural renaissance in the last couple of years, is brimming with exciting cultural activity and economic opportunity. City historian Dennis Carlisle will bring you on an informational, 90-minute tour of the area’s main commercial corridors, starting from 31st and Jefferson and finishing at College and Girard. Thursday, April 25, 6 pm-7:30 pm, Free with Registration, Red Bell Brewery – Subject Property, 1500 N. 31st St.

Get ready for 2020

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This spring, NPR’s renowned Politics Podcast is coming to the city where American democracy was born: Philadelphia. On Firday, WHYY is co-hosting a live taping at the National Constitution Center. Come listen to political reporters talk to you like they talk to their best friend, and join your favorite NPR personalities in what is sure to be a riveting discussion about the latest national news and the road to the 2020 presidential election Bonus: You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look of how the NPR Politics podcast is made and produced. Friday, April 26, Starts at 7 pm, Tickets Start at $30, National Constitution Center, 525 Arch St.

Clean up our city

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The Citizen has written extensively about Philadelphia’s litter problem. It’s, frankly, huge. This Saturday, join Philly Maid Green‘s newest clean the streets initiative to clean up Girard Avenue. The organization will supply gloves and tools, and every bag of trash collected can be exchanged for a raffle ticket to prizes like a free dog walk and a microgreen garden. Saturday, April 27, 11 am-1 am, Free with Registration, Girard Station, 1200 N. Front St.

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