Do Something: Drink Brews for Women’s Safety

This week, celebrate the first WOAR safety certified bar in Philadelphia, support Latina women, learn about the challenges that returning citizens face, enter the secret world of M.I.A., and more!

Do Something: Drink Brews for Women’s Safety

This week, celebrate the first WOAR safety certified bar in Philadelphia, support Latina women, learn about the challenges that returning citizens face, enter the secret world of M.I.A., and more!

Every Monday we round up a handful of ways to get involved throughout the week to make your city better and have fun doing it. Have ideas for upcoming events? Email us tips. Now get out and do something!

Attend a panel on returning citizens

From 2012 to 2015, between 24,000 and 26,000 people returned to Philadelphia from incarceration. For many of these “returning citizens,” they face a multitude of challenges from finding employment, stable housing, to above all, shaking the cycle of crime that landed them in jail in the first place. As such, Net Impact Philadelphia is hosting a panel to discuss how those undergoing reentry—and their surrounding communities and businesses—can help make the transition to civilian life. The panel will feature some of Philadelphia’s most prominent leaders in the area including Bianca Garcia of the PA Board of Probation and Parole, and John Pace of Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project. Monday, October 29th, $5.00 for Members, $15.00 for General Public, “The View” at People for People, Inc. 800 North Broad St

Enter the secret world of M.I.A

In the chart-topping pop song “Paper Planes,” English rapper M.I.A. sings about the stereotypes of political refugees: forging visas, smuggling drugs across borders, and robbing people at gunpoint. After the song was released in 2007, she soon became the musical face of an emerging global refugee crisis, often with controversy. This week, the Ritz At the Bourse  is screening the documentary Matangi/Maya/M.I.A., by director Steve Loveridge, who pieces together her journey from Matangi, daughter of the founder of Sri Lanka’s armed Tamil resistance, to fleeing to the UK and rebranding herself as Maya, and eventually entering the global stage as M.I.A. Tuesday, October 30th, 1:20 p.m, 4:20 p.m, 7:20 p.m, 9:45 p.m, $8 General, $7 Senior, Ritz at the Bourse, Philadelphia, 214 Walnut St, Ritz Bourse, 400 Ranstead St

Sharpen your fundraising skills

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Every grassroots movement needs a passion, people…and, of course, money.  Fundraising is an essential skill in order to bring movements from ideas to realities, and this Wednesday United By Blue will host the non-profit Connecting Coffee where fundraisers can share their fundraising fears and successes with their peers. You will be able to exchange strategies to raise funds both in person and grab the attention of the public online. Wednesday, October 31, 9 a.m.- 10 p.m.; $10, United by Blue, 206 Race St 

Learn about making policy while black

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Is it harder for government officials to make policy decisions if they are black? Angela Simms, a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, thinks so. This Thursday at the University of Pennsylvania’s Urban Studies HQ as part of their Urban Studies Graduate Colloquium Series, Simms will present an ethnographic study—titled “Power, Privilege, and Peril: Governing in a Majority Black and Middle Class County”—arguing that black officials face unique constraints, which ultimately lead to continuing disadvantages. The conversation will be moderated by Nina Johnson, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Anthropology and Black Studies at Swarthmore College. Thursday, November 1st, 9:30 AM- 10:30 AM; Free, Urban Studies Department, 3718 Locust Walk, McNeil Building, Room 130 

Support Latina women

Photo: Al DIA

This Friday at the Palomar Hotel Kimpton, AL DÍA will be hosting their annual Woman’s Summit for Latina women. Centered around three key themes—Health & Wellness, Professional Development and Personal Growth—the summit features keynote speeches from prominent Latina leaders followed by group discussions and one-on-one conversations. Friday, November 2nd, 7:30 AM- 2 PM, $150 Individual, Palomar Hotel Kimpton, 117 S 17th St.

Become a teacher

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Interested in becoming a teacher? This Saturday, the Northeast Regional branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia will host American Board to learn how you can become a certified teacher in Pennsylvania without debt or downtime. Their online courses and training offering certifications in subjects likes biology, mathematics, English, chemistry, and more in grades seven through 12. Saturday, November 3rd, 4 PM- 5 PM, Free, Northeast Regional Free Library, 2228 Cottman Ave

Drink Safely for Women

Photo: WOAR

This Sunday, join the Women Organized Against Rape and local breweries to talk taboos over brews. WOAR, a rape crisis center offering counseling, education, and outreach programs to survivors and their families, provides a Safe Bar certification, which educates bar owners and their staff on the best practices to navigate instances of sexual violence that may occur at their establishment. The event will take place at WOAR’s first safe-certified bar, South Philly’s Devil’s Den, where attendees will be able to sample beers and talk about myths surrounding sexual violence and alcohol. Sunday, November 4th, 3 PM- 5 PM, $20, Devil’s Den, 1148 South 11th St

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