Ideas We Should Steal: Reducing Poverty—Together

In Canada, communities lifted more than 200,000 families out of poverty in seven years. Why don’t we do what they did?

Ideas We Should Steal: Men’s Sheds

A global nonprofit making its way across the U.S. is fighting loneliness and depression in older men by bringing them together to build things. Could the next shed be here in Philly?

Ideas We Should Steal: Tech for Turnout

Two years after the presidential election galvanized mostly progressive technologists, their innovations brought more voters to the polls in 2018. Expect more of that in Philly, too

Ideas We Should Steal: More Young Voters

Districts around the country—including University City in Philly—saw a huge uptick in young voters during the midterms. Harnessing that citywide could sway elections

Ideas We Should Steal: Voter Turnout Contest

In Cumberland County, NJ, a competition among cities helped to boost 2018 turnout by 13 percent. Could Philly’s competitive spirit be the key to more votes here, too?

Ideas We Should Steal: Giving Locally

Philly is one of the least charitable regions in the country. Could a local version of Giving Tuesday, like they have in Austin, be the answer?

Ideas We Should Steal: Feeding Your Neighbors

Philly is facing a hunger crisis. An idea from three North Carolina moms could offer a solution we can all take part in

Ideas We Should Steal: Barbershop Confessions

Black men are among the most traumatized people in the country, and also the least likely to seek help. That’s why an Arkansas man is bringing mental health help to where they are: barbershops