Event: A Conversation with Ali Velshi and Richard Vague

At a Citizen members event at the Fitler Club, the MSNBC host and the philanthropist/businessman talked about the economy, politics and the goodness of Americans

CitizenCast: What Is The Citizen?

This week, the site's co-founder answered just that question. Hint: It has something to do with reinvigorating democracy

By Larry Platt



WURD’s Philly Farm Social

Friday, May 31, 2019
5:00 pm-7:00 pm

at Bartram's Garden

Join WURD to learn about urban gardening and seasonal cooking while enjoying delicious food samplings as part of ecoWURD's environmental justice initiative.

CitizenCast: Mayor Pete Could Be Your Next President

In a series on potential presidential candidates who served as mayors, The Citizen hosted South Bend’s Pete Buttigieg. Listen here for his vision of America’s future

Can there be capitalism for good?

Hear what you missed at the sold out Citizen event with author Anand Giridharadas and B Lab’s Jay Coen Gilbert

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

CitizenCast—Citizen Speaks: Business for Good

On Wednesday, an audience of entrepreneurs, innovators and go getters joined a panel of experts to talk about how doing well and doing good go hand in hand. Listen to the conversation

By Syra Ortiz-Blanes

CitizenCast: Free Press in the Trump Age

We spoke with a panel of journalists from the front lines about why a free press matters—and how they are holding fast to truth

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

CitizenCast: Good Neighbors

A Citizen and Free Library event on Monday explored the perennial urban question: How do we make communities everyone can live in?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy