The Nowak Urban Innovation Award Goes to…

The Women's Community Revitalization Project won $50,000 to bring "development without displacement" to Grays Ferry

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Updates: Stepwise

Formerly FixList, the startup has grown in size and scope while remaining true to its mission: to empower anyone with the real estate know-how to make their deal—and our city—thrive

By Jessica Press

Shining a Light On Land Sales

As the City rethinks how it sells valuable vacant land, Philly 3.0's engagement director suggests something radical: Telling the truth about the process

By Jon Geeting

“It’s Not Just About Housing”

Stephanie Sena’s latest project to help the homeless would create villages of small houses on lots around the city. Is community the solution to one of our biggest ills?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Hire More Lawyers. Save More Money.

A new report raises an unexpected scenario: The city could save taxpayers $45 million a year by providing lawyers for low-income renters at risk of eviction

By Alex Braden

The New Politics of Zoning

City Council's new housing bills could provide at least $70 million for affordable housing. Philly 3.0's engagement director asks which neighborhoods will shoulder the responsibility

By Jon Geeting

Build It So They Will Come

It’s greener and more lucrative to grow cities than suburbs. Philly 3.0’s engagement director calls on Mayor Kenney to make housing policies to reflect that

By Jon Geeting

Kenney’s Housing Shortfall

The mayor’s new plan for housing could be a tool for growth. So Philly 3.0's engagement director wonders why is he aiming so low

By Jon Geeting