Reality Check with Jessica Press

Jessica Press wrote a piece with tips from experts on how to help kids succeed in school this year.

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: What Climate Change Debate?

Black voters—and Democrats—worry about the environment’s effect on their lives. All the more reason, Charles Ellison argues, the DNC should not have nixed a climate debate

Reality Check with Larry Platt

The Philadelphia Citizen publisher Larry Platt joined Charles to discuss the breaking news of Police Commissioner Richard Ross' resignation.

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check: How to Ignore a Gun Crisis

Charles Ellison on how the Mayor’s response to Commissioner Ross’s resignation this week misses the point

Reality Check: Of Course, It Was Nicetown

The shootout with city police yesterday was in a struggling stretch of North Philly that has too often seen violence. Charles Ellison wonders if now the neighborhood will get some help

Reality Check: A Winnable Gun Debate

A ban on “battlefield weapons” could keep casualties from mass shootings down. That, Charles Ellison contends, should be the sole message from gun control advocates

Reality Check with Mark Houldin

Mark is the former policy director at the defender's association. He joined Charles to discuss Who's The Culprit For Philly's Murder Rate?

By Charles D. Ellison

Reality Check with Abbe Stern

Charles Ellison and Abbe Stern, hospitality manager at the Rittenhouse Hotel, discuss how she started a food rescue operation to bring restaurant excess to food banks and other organizations that could use it.

By Charles D. Ellison