How Yasmine Mustafa Got Her Groove Back

The local entrepreneur has found a niche that’s poised to change lives and—finally—turn a profit

By Jessica Press

Guest Commentary: Work Where You Serve

The principal of socially-minded developer Shift Capital pens a call to arms to fellow business leaders: Locate where you’re most needed

By Brian Murray

Ideas We Should Steal: Security Deposit Alternatives

An option for a security deposit insurance program is helping landlords and tenants fill 400,000 apartments nationwide, including some in Philly. Should it become law here, as it is in Cincinnati?

By Jill Harkins

Business For Good: Honeycomb Credit

The Pittsburgh-based startup has expanded to Philly with a crowdfunding model to help small businesses with one of their toughest challenges: getting loans

By Jessica Press

Business for Good: The Soulfull Project

Two Campbell’s alums have struck out on their own to create healthy, delicious oatmeal—with a purpose

By Jessica Press

Business for Good: Ready to Work

Everyone benefits when companies like Boathouse Row’s Cosmic Cafe hire people with disabilities for meaningful work

By Katherine Rapin

Business for Good: Dorothy

A Penn alum’s startup helps regular folks predict flooding—something climate change will make more necessary than ever

By Courtney DuChene

Business for Good: Everyday Philanthropists

Entrepreneur Keith Leaphart’s new app, Philanthropi, aims to give everyday donors and nonprofits better access to their most powerful tool: each other.

By Jill Harkins