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Drexel University’s Mandell Theater



from civic innovators leading urban solutions that work
with local leaders and disruptors making an impact
to bring the next big idea to Philadelphia

Check back for a full program lineup. Among the speakers you’ll hear from:


Gov. John Hickenlooper
of Colorado

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman
Former Governor of New Jersey

Ali Velshi

Anand Giridharadas
Author of the new book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World

Chris Hughes
Co-Founder of Facebook and author of Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn

Michael Eric Dyson
Preacher, professor & author of What Truth Sounds Like: Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, & Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America

Bruce Katz
Co-Founder & Director,  Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab 

Cat Goughnour
Equitable development advocate of Portland, Oregon

Mayor Sly James
of Kansas City

Cornetta Lane
Founder of Pedal to Porch in Detroit, Michigan

Afua Bruce
Director of Engineering, Public Interest Technology, New America Foundation
of Washington, D.C.

Steven F. Wilson
Founder/CEO of Ascend Learning of New York City

Cheri-Leigh Erasmus
of Integrity Idol of Nepal

Rev. Chuck Mingo
Pastor of Cincinnati’s Crossroads Church and leader of a citywide effort to heal the racial divide

Jeff Kirschner
Founder of the San Francisco based anti-litter app that gamifies trash pickup

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