Ideas We Should Steal: An Independent Mayor

In Syracuse, a mayor who doesn't belong to either party was just elected. What if it happened here?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Cautious Steps On Philly Feet Of Clay

A good government advocate challenges the moral ground on which our officials stand

By Brett Mandel

How Not to Get Voting Reform

The farcical special election last spring in the 197th District shows just how much local Democracy is on life support

By Ali Perelman

Guest Commentary: Our Toxic Gerrymandering

A pair of Pennsylvania political analysts explain why the democracy-killing practice might finally end

By G. Terry Madonna and Michael L. Young

Reality Check: Are guns the new tobacco?

Rep. Dwight Evans tells WURD’s afternoon host that the states’ settlement with Big Tobacco should be the model for a war on guns

By Charles D. Ellison

Hey, Donald! Listen up!

A locally-based, nationally renowned executive coach takes us into the boardroom and reveals what it really takes to lead

By Leslie Mayer

Is the National Anthem Stupid?

Why do we sing it before sporting events, anyway?

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Michael Smerconish’s “Divided We Stand”

The Sirius XM talk show host, CNN pundit and Inquirer columnist has posted a speech that is the best explanation yet for how Trumpism came to be

By Larry Platt

Straight Outta Central Casting

A novice Chester County congressional candidate is a military vet, entrepreneur and engineer who seeks to be the change she wants to see in the world

By Larry Platt

GUEST COMMENTARY: Who Will Be Our Next Leader?

The Republican party has a generational opportunity…but it needs to reject racism, the Alt-Right and Donald Trump

By Seth Berger