Guest Commentary: Democrats Need More Than A New Slogan

A local Rabbi and political watcher urges his party to aim higher than a “Better Deal”

By Seymour Rosenbloom

Idea We Should Steal: Top Two Elections

The best way to fix our fragile democracy might be a nonpartisan electoral system that rewards moderation and increases competition

By Larry Platt

Politicab: Voting for Children

Main Line taxi driver Rob Connaire, in partnership with The Citizen, offers riders the chance to vent about politics. Watch here to see what real people think about the election

Video: John Street Talks Porn and Politics

The former mayor's NSFW StorySlam appearance brought the house down during the DNC. Watch it here.

Dear Lisa Deeley, We’re Sorry

Our petition to eliminate the City Commissioners could put you out of a job

By Stephen St.Vincent

City Council, The Comeback?

Our legislative body might be starting to think about, uh, actually legislating…now let’s reward them for flirting with substance

By Larry Platt

Your City Defined: Gerrymandering

How to disenfranchise voters the American way

By Stephen St.Vincent

In Defense of Politics

What do Tom Wolf, Kathleen Kane and Donald Trump have in common? None are practitioners of the art of politics. Enough with on-the-job trainees

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Raising Ms. President

A documentary looks at why women don’t get into politics—and why they should

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Barbershop Ballot

Sharp Insight uses barbers to get out the black vote

By Emma Eisenberg