The Citizen Recommends: Finding Tomorrow’s American Dream

East Mount Airy is on the verge of either falling into poverty or thriving. Next City is exploring why–and seeking solutions from residents.

By Gillian McGoldrick

12 Ways of Looking at the NFL Draft

A Fairmount resident, in the epicenter of the city’s festival-mania, wonders: Do I hate fun?

By Diana Lind

Building a Goldilocks City

What’s lost in the furor over the fate of Jewelers Row is a larger debate about how Philly really wants to grow

By Diana Lind

How Philly Influenced Jane Jacobs

In an excerpt from the new biography of the citizen activist turned urban planner, guess which city showed her how not to do redevelopment?

By Robert Kanigel

Meet The Disruptor: Locus Partners

The Center City architecture firm links design with social good. Their mission? Making communities stronger.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

South Philly Split on Broad Street Parking

Our survey shows a small preference for continuing to allow parking on the median—and lots of anger on both sides of the issue

By Stephen St.Vincent

Take the Poll: Parking on the Broad Street Median?

Clearing cars from the median during the DNC has renewed calls to ban the quirky practice. Yo, South Philly, what do you think?

By Stephen St.Vincent

Bobbing and Weaving Through A Minefield

Filmmaker El Sawyer has gone from from prisoner to presidential advisor with one goal: Helping ex-inmates make it on the outside

By Emma Eisenberg

We Are Mantua

A community-led effort is paving the way for a “greenway” in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods

By Emma Eisenberg

Wanted—Developers to Sue City Council

With Ori Feibush’s win over Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, is Councilmanic Prerogative on the ropes? One crusading attorney hopes so

By Larry Platt