Fail And Try Again

Maker Jawn at the Free Library gets Philadelphians of all stripes involved in the maker movement

By Jill Harkins

O Captain, My Block Captain

The city Streets Department accidentally made it easier to find your block captain. Look for yours—or become one

By Jon Geeting

The Case For a Gentrification Dividend

Sending neighbors a check whenever a nearby building goes up would send the message that everyone should benefit from growth

By Jon Geeting

A Park of Their Own

Can fixing a park in South Philly’s Cambodia Town help build a vibrant neighborhood in a forgotten corner of the city?

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Reality Check: Who decides what buildings to preserve?

WURD’s afternoon host wonders why there are so few black and brown people on the city’s new Historic Preservation Task Force

By Charles D. Ellison

Ideas We Should Steal: Urban Food Forest

Seattle’s Beacon Forest provides free native edibles to anyone in the city. Could the soda tax make it possible for a Philly group to do the same here?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Buy Nothing, Gain A Neighbor

A Facebook gifting page has residents all over Philly actually talking to each other and sharing stuff—joining one might even get you Springsteen tickets

By Karen Chernick

Growing Home

Refugees from Bhutan and Nepal are reuniting with their farmer roots in South Philly. It’s not just nostalgia for their agrarian past; it’s also a path to jobs

By Quinn O'Callaghan

The Citizen Recommends: Finding Tomorrow’s American Dream

East Mount Airy is on the verge of either falling into poverty or thriving. Next City is exploring why–and seeking solutions from residents.

By Gillian McGoldrick

12 Ways of Looking at the NFL Draft

A Fairmount resident, in the epicenter of the city’s festival-mania, wonders: Do I hate fun?

By Diana Lind