Meet the Disruptors: ‘Techno Rebels’ Jarvus Innovations

They’ve spent $600,000 on social impact ventures—and they’re growing. Ultimately, they want to build a spaceship ... while making the world better

By Larry Platt

Gaming for Good

A local family’s Facebook game has encouraged more than 4 million people to do 40 million good deeds, both real and virtual

By Emma Eisenberg

Ideas We Should Steal: CityScore

In Boston, two dozen metrics combine to score how the city is doing on a daily basis. Is Philly primed to do the same?

By Alex Braden

Meet the Disruptor: Michael Hollander

The software engineer-turned-lawyer puts his programming skills to good use: Helping the formerly incarcerated expunge their records

By Rana Fayez

Meet the Disruptor: Michele McKeone

The former special ed teacher’s Autism Expressed, teaching digital skills to autistic students, is growing. The secret? Its founder’s “oppositional defiance”

By Larry Platt

Maker City

Maker spaces like Hive76 are reinventing manufacturing and reshaping cities

By Emma Eisenberg

Ideas We Should Steal: One-Stop Coding & Job Shop

An inner city Detroit program places 90 percent of graduates in well-paying tech jobs. Could this be a path out of poverty for Philly residents too?

By Robert DiGiacomo

Meet The Disruptor: Sylvester Mobley

The former Marine has willed into existence Coded by Kids, a free tech-ed program for inner-city youth. And he's got some big plans

By Larry Platt

Open Data at the Crossroads

Can Code for Philly’s band of volunteer civic hackers grow and continue to solve civic problems?

By Malcolm Burnley

The Citizen Update: Disruptor Nikki Johnson-Huston

The local tax attorney launched an app to take on homelessness—and then took on Bill O’Reilly

By Kyle Mountain