Yo, Vince Fenerty: Time’s Up!

He’s an accused sexual harasser. So why is he still a ward leader?

By Mark Dent

Bob Brady’s Nixon to China Move

With his announcement that he won’t seek reelection, will Bob Brady surprise us by being an agent of change at home?

By Larry Platt

Turning Resistance Into Action

A year after Trumpocalypse, protests in Philly are down...but action is up

By Mark Dent

How To Run For (Local) Office

A guide to becoming your neighborhood’s new Committeeperson

By Jon Geeting

Do Something: Eat a Bowie Donut

Defend a free and open internet, meet your local reps, share the warmth with those who need it most, and take part in Philly Loves Bowie Week with a delicious, limited edition donut.

By Samara Ahmed

Reality Check: Who Really Won This Election?

As WURD’s afternoon host notes, it wasn’t voters, despite our celebration of 20 percent turnout

By Charles D. Ellison

Citizen of the Week: Politicabbie

A Main Line taxi driver who has partnered with The Citizen asks riders to tell politicians what they really think in a series of filmed candid conversations

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal: Even Year Elections

Cities around the country are moving local elections to even years, when turnout is (relatively) robust. In Philly, that could mean around 190,000 more people voting for the next mayor

By Stephen St.Vincent

The Day After

After election day, what kind of country are we going to be?

By Jeremy Nowak

Ideas We Should Steal: Ranked Choice Voting

How Donald Trump’s almost certain nomination highlights our broken voting system

By Stephen St.Vincent