Trust and Citizenship in the Trump Era

A new program by the Welcoming Center teaches new immigrants to be civically-engaged—so they can become citizens who make a difference

By Jill Harkins

How The Eagles Defy Trumpism

In case you needed another reason to root for our team

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Is Philly In Denial About Its Jobs Problem?

WURD’s afternoon host contends unemployment is worse than officials want you to know

By Charles D. Ellison

Thank God For Charlie Dent

Catching up with the Republican congressman from the Lehigh Valley who has become the most reasonable man in politics

By Larry Platt

Divide and Rule, Philly-Style

Whether it’s legislation targeting Korean delis or street drummers, are progressives playing into Trump’s hands?

By Larry Platt

Is Tax Reform an Attack on Cities?

If the Republican tax plan becomes law, it could mean the end to urban development as we know it

By Diana Lind

Hey, Donald! Listen up!

A locally-based, nationally renowned executive coach takes us into the boardroom and reveals what it really takes to lead

By Leslie Mayer

Is the National Anthem Stupid?

Why do we sing it before sporting events, anyway?

By Larry Platt

The Equivocator-in-Chief

The president is a master at moral equivocation. As local activists set sights on the Rizzo statue, let’s answer him by making it a teachable moment

By Larry Platt

The Art of Misdirection

Donald Trump’s attack on transgender rights is an attempt to create political chaos. It’s from an all-too-familiar playbook

By Jeremy Nowak