Guest Commentary: Why We Raise Taxes

A good government advocate argues that our leaders raise taxes on the poor city because they run the city poorly

By Brett Mandel

The Beast

La Colombe’s Todd Carmichael has become one of the nation’s most politically outspoken CEOs. A visit inside his world reveals he’s just getting started

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Investing for Good

ImpactPHL, along with networking organization SOCAP 365, hosts a panel on how to create a successful investor ecosystem

By Patrick Bilow

Judy Wicks’ Not-Shark Tank

The legendary Philly restaurateur and activist has coralled her baby boomer friends to help new entrepreneurs get ahead. It’s her way of creating the city she wants to live in

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Reality Check: Where’s the real Amazon conversation?

Philly’s on the top 20 list for Amazon’s HQ2, but without the right preparation, could the results be disastrous? WURD’s afternoon host has more

By Charles D. Ellison

Guest Commentary: How to Succeed in Business

The Millennial founder of the West Philly Corridor Collaborative on lessons learned from organizing over 700 small businesses

By Jabari Jones

The New Philadelphia Story

After the Amazon pitch and Super Bowl win, now’s the time to tell a new story about who we are. Maybe Doug Pederson can help

By Larry Platt

Citizen Of The Week: Chris Banks

A Philly native’s “Banksgiving” program gives area kids something they desperately need to raise themselves out of poverty: Financial literacy training

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Shop Your Conscience

The founder of a social impact tracking platform offers suggestions on how to be an ethical consumer this holiday season

By Morgan Berman

Meet The Disruptor: Communally

The Philadelphia-based “anti-poverty technology B Corp” has provided more than a million people with financial services normally reserved for the well-off

By Quinn O'Callaghan