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EVENT: Veterans and Civic Engagement


Jared Solomon

State Rep. for PA's 202nd House District

Melissa Robbins

Activist and community organizer

Dewayne Drummond

President, Mantua Civic Association

Jack Inacker

Mission365 Project Manager, Global Citizen

Stephen St.Vincent

Social Action Coordinator, The Philadelphia Citizen


Join the Veterans Multi-Service Center and The Philadelphia Citizen for a conversation about how to capture the civic spirit of veterans to make a better Philadelphia for all.

Too often, veterans lose their mission and sense of purpose when they take off the uniform. But their commitment to serving their country is exactly what we need to move this city forward.

This event will feature a panel discussion that explores several different avenues of civic engagement, with the goal of connecting veterans to resources and avenues to get involved in their community.

The event is free!

Veterans Multi-Service Center logo

Location is ADA-compliant

Parking available on-site

VFW is easily accessible via SEPTA (take the Fox Chase line to Cheltenham Station)

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