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Dine 4 Democracy

Powered by The Philadelphia Citizen, the monthly dinner series invites you to eat, drink and support causes you believe in


Dine 4 Democracy is a Citizen-powered movement of monthly dinners to support impactful charities while learning about and discussing important topics in our national discourse. Started after the election by Penn researcher Laura Henderson and three friends around the country, Dine 4 Democracy is meant to be fun and informative. Use the form below to sign up, then check out the cheat sheet provided by Dine 4 Democracy to help you get started hosting your own conversations.

How it works

Dine 4 Democracy will pick a theme each month and a nonprofit that works in that field. You sign up to host a dinner party with several friends (use the form below), asking each to bring a suggested donation of $15 that will then go to that organization (or a different one of your choosing). Dine 4 Democracy will provide talking points on the issue, discussion questions, information about the groups involved and other materials as needed. You provide the home, and the food—take out, potluck, cocktails…whatever.

Hopefully, some part of the evening is spent in a discussion about politics and social action, perhaps by bringing in a guest speaker or writing letters to Congresspeople—but it is not a requirement. You don’t need to be a political junkie, experienced activist or anything else; you just need to be someone who wants to become more engaged in issues and eat dinner.

This month’s topic: Environmental Causes

New management and budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency have some worried about the future of the United States’ efforts to protect our environment and fight climate change. A large amount of that work will now fall on independent organizations that are working to do everything from lobby for eco-friendly policies, create greener environments and protect our forests and streams.

Dine 4 Democracy suggests several national organizations that you can support, including: World Resources Institute, Greenpeace, the Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, and the Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

For a more local impact, there are plenty of organizations you can support in Philadelphia, including: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, TreePhilly, United By Blue and more.

Sign up to host a dinner here:

Not sure how to get starting hosting dinners? Check out this cheat sheet!

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