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Has the Parking Authority era of reform ended before it could really begin?

By Jon Geeting

Reality Check: Beyond Stop-and-Go

Councilwoman Bass’ controversial Stop-and-Go bill is an opportunity to repair the relationship between customers and owners in neighborhood corner markets

By Charles D. Ellison

Can Jobs Solve Philly’s Housing Problem?

Yes, the rent is too damn high, but it's because the pay is too damn low

By Diana Lind

Scofflaws vs. School Kids

A Parking Authority audit showed that unpaid tickets hurt the schools. Why does City Council want to make that worse?

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Is this the end of PA gerrymandering?

A state politics watcher says a state Supreme Court trial set to begin Monday could be a game-changer

By Charlie Bacas

Do Something: Practice Pre-Turkey Yoga For Good

Stand up against sexual assault, donate goods for those in need, and try a warrior pose to be a warrior against dangerous pipelines. And, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

By Jamie Bogert

Reality Check: How Do We Pay for Local Control of the Schools?

With the SRC disbanding, WURD’s afternoon host offers two ideas to avoid raising taxes

By Charles D. Ellison

Ideas We Should Steal: An Independent Mayor

In Syracuse, a mayor who doesn't belong to either party was just elected. What if it happened here?

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Cautious Steps On Philly Feet Of Clay

A good government advocate challenges the moral ground on which our officials stand

By Brett Mandel

Is Tax Reform an Attack on Cities?

If the Republican tax plan becomes law, it could mean the end to urban development as we know it

By Diana Lind