Citizen of the Week: Stephanie Sena

The Villanova professor has operated a volunteer-run winter homeless shelter with her students for several years. Now they want to open the first permanent one that welcomes pets and the disabled

By Patrick Bilow

Affordable What?

Philly 3.0’s engagement director on the whiplash in City Council to make housing more affordable...but also more expensive

By Jon Geeting

Ideas We Should Steal: Transit Oriented Development

The Fruitvale Transit Village in Oakland has brought many of the benefits associated with gentrification—but few of the negatives

By Mark Dent

CitizenCast: Ideas We Should Steal Revisited—Free Rental Assistance

Philly has faced an "eviction tornado" since 2010. What steps has the city taken in the past year and a half to defuse it?

By J.P. Romney and Quinn O'Callaghan

Why Philly Should Bring Back the Rooming House

L&I head David Perri is right—co-living may be the best way to create affordable housing in a city that desperately needs it

By Diana Lind

CitizenCast: Your City Defined— The Office of Property Assessment

How does the assessment process work? A look at the history of the OPA.

By J.P. Romney

CitizenCast: Good Neighbors

A Citizen and Free Library event on Monday explored the perennial urban question: How do we make communities everyone can live in?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Weekend Read: “Less Than Invisible”

In a partnership with journalist/teacher Buzz Bissinger, a student writer spends the day with a homeless couple living on the fringes of our city

By Sharon Christner