Questions for the School Board

Mayor Kenney is set to choose his new school board from 27 candidates. Here are four things we need to know from them

By Jeremy Nowak

Citizen of the Week: Kristina Ashley

The Philly woman raised $11,000 to take 450 city kids to see Black Panther this month

By Patrick Bilow

We’ll Be Alright

A new Aspen Challenge kicked off this week, putting the world’s problems in the hands of local high schoolers to solve. They just might do it

By Jamie Bogert

Guest Commentary: A Temple Stadium Can Spur Growth

A former Wharton prof, now head of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University, says college stadiums can benefit communities—if done right

By Ken Shropshire

Butko’s Mic Drop

The Mayor hasn’t listened to soda tax critiques because of politics. But, given a report from the last Controller, can he afford to do that with pre-K?

By Mark Dent

Reality Check: Hey Eagles, can you do North Philly a solid?

WURD’s afternoon host urges the socially-good NFL champs to make its stadium affordable—so Temple doesn’t have to build a new one

By Charles D. Ellison

Tomorrow’s Storytellers Today

Legendary journalist Buzz Bissinger and Penn’s Kelly Writers House partner with The Citizen to give voice to a new generation of writers

By Buzz Bissinger

The Citizen Recommends: Water—An Essay Contest

The Pamela & Ajay Raju Foundation, along with the Zoo, offers $15,000 to a student who can help solve our water crisis

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Desperate for Help

A Philadelphia principal points to an increasingly familiar culprit in the struggle to teach hard-to-reach students: Mental health issues

By Hilderbrand Pelzer III

MLK’s “Burning House”

A Mastery high school principal says the civil rights leader may have begun with integration—but that’s not where he landed

By Sharif El-Mekki