Citizen Speaks: The University and The City

Thursday, Apr 20, 2017
Panel: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Reception: 7:30pm - 8:30pm

at The Barnes Foundation

Featuring the Presidents of CCP, Drexel, Temple, Jefferson, and Penn

I Grew Up in the Desert

A high school principal who was a child in Iran reflects on what immigrant and refugee students need most: an education that embraces their difference

By Sharif El-Mekki

Do Something: Hear Lauren Chief Elk

The advocate for Native American women speaks at South Philly Barbacoa Monday night. Plus, talk law and order with Chris Hayes, welcome a new program by Al-Bustan and more ways to be an engaged citizen this week

By Josh Middleton

Where Young Black Lives Meet Blue

African American teenagers mingle with cops in a series of forums designed to humanize each to the other. It’s not the answer to all their problems—but it’s one step forward

By Quinn O'Callaghan

The Citizen Recommends: Mimi Ito

The cultural anthropologist, speaking next week as part of a Drexel series on rethinking learning, wants adults to stop bemoaning kids’ use of technology

By Larry Platt

March Madness For the Socially Conscious

The NCAA Tournament is the sporting event of the year. Here’s how to enjoy it without being complicit in the exploitation of so-called “student-athletes” (Spoiler: Bucknell wins)

By Larry Platt

Responding to Vacant Schools

In this Solution of the Week, we look to Kansas City, which involved the community in decisions about closed school buildings—with great success

By Amanda Lien

The Wrath of Parents

A public school principal says it takes parents and schools to educate a child

By Hilderbrand Pelzer III

The Bully-in-Chief

Is Donald Trump responsible for an increase in school bullying?

By David A. Love

The Citizen Recommends: Sodas With The Citizen and Connor Barwin

South Philly restaurateurs are matching soda tax revenue to donate to their local school. Join us in celebrating them

By Gillian McGoldrick