The Value of the Abatement

In the last of a deep-dive series, a well-respected economist explains research that shows that market value of the tax abatement is genuinely high—but that most homebuyers still over-value it

By Kevin C. Gillen

Guest Commentary: Getting Past Profit

Elizabeth Warren wants large corporations to change their profit-at-all-costs model. B Lab’s co-founder offers some ways that liberals, conservatives and the private sector might all agree on a new vision for accountable capitalism

By Jay Coen Gilbert

The High Cost of Being Broke

A Philly reporting collaborative launches a new series that looks at how being poor costs more money

By Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

Colby for a Cause

Philly hunger nonprofit Philabundance has launched an innovative program to benefit farmers, retailers, the environment, and the hungry. Its secret weapon? Cheese.

By Jill Harkins

The Abatement Stakes

In the second of a deep-dive series, a well-respected economist notes that houses with a tax abatement hold their value, even when the tax break expires

By Kevin C. Gillen

The Abatement Debate

In the first of a deep-dive series, a well-respected economist notes that two-thirds of houses bought with a 10 year tax break are still owned by their original purchaser. This is—maybe—good news for the city

By Kevin C. Gillen

Saturdays are for Small Businesses

Every week, marketing agency Momentum Digital shares digital literacy with small Philly businesses

By Colin Lodewick

The Most Woke Billionaire On Earth

Main Line entrepreneur and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin’s eyes were opened to the criminal injustice system through his friend Meek Mill. Now he’s on the case.

By Larry Platt