Meet The Disruptor: Solar States

The growing B Corporation is bringing solar energy to houses and businesses throughout the region—and bringing blue collar Philadelphians into the green energy economy

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Guest Commentary: How to Make Philly a Publishing Hub

In response to our writer’s piece on recapturing Philly’s media heyday, a local journalist and software developer sees a path forward: Capitalizing on our indy media scene

By Davis Shaver

Meet the Disruptor: Paratodo

A young local fashion designer is upending the industry by making his clothes locally—and giving a piece of his profits to charity

By Annie McDonough

The Once and Future Publishing Capital?

Let’s make Philly a major media hub. It would bring jobs, people and fun to Philly

By Diana Lind

Meet The Disruptor: QSPACES

Queer and trans people have worse health outcomes than the general public. A local couple is trying to change that with a Yelp-like doctors app for LGBTQ Philadelphians

By Emma Eisenberg

Meet The Disruptor: Rachel Benyola

The entrepreneur behind a forthcoming Philly-based collapsible bike helmet is looking to score a win in the battle for bike safety—and against dorkiness

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Meet The Disruptor: Nick Bayer

For the Saxbys CEO, honored this month as Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, it’s about much more than the coffee

By Larry Platt

Furnishing a Future

A former executive coach turns his passion for woodworking into a skills training program that provides former inmates with life-sustaining jobs

By Quinn O'Callaghan

The Citizen Recommends: Creating Equitable Places and Good Practices

The Citizen is teaming up with urban design firm Locus Partners for an event about development, justice and helping communities thrive

By Annie McDonough

Meet The Disruptor: Dropps

A Philadelphia company is making laundry detergent pods safer and more environmentally friendly—and having some (not so) clean fun while doing it

By Quinn O'Callaghan