Book Signing: The New Localism

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
5:30 pm-7:30 pm

at The HIVE

Join authors Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak for a conversation about those who hold the real power in cities today—the problem-solvers.  

Do Something: Engage With Your Community

Happy New Year! The Citizen is here to help you lean in to those resolutions. This week, join the discussion to ban fracking, fundraise for records, support North Philly.

By Jamie Bogert

Do Something: Get Outside

The holidays are dwindling, the new year is on its way, so The Citizen is here to help get those New Year's resolutions started. This week, give blood, support suicide prevention, enjoy the winter wonderland, and more.

By Jamie Bogert

Challah for Campus Hunger

A 13-year-old hunger-fighting group with 10,000 student volunteers turns it attention to a crisis in its midst: campus hunger

By Jamie Bogert

Do Something: Practice Pre-Turkey Yoga For Good

Stand up against sexual assault, donate goods for those in need, and try a warrior pose to be a warrior against dangerous pipelines. And, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

By Jamie Bogert

The Citizen Recommends: ArtUnited’s Creative Disruption

The art for social change event debuts in Philly this weekend, with affordable pieces that speak to this moment in history

By Jamie Bogert

Do Something: Celebrate The Dead

Explore the crossover of science and seance at the Franklin Institute, learn about greenifying Philly, and work towards a Zero Waste future this week.

By Jamie Bogert

Do Something: Talk Trash

Learn about how Philly is moving toward its Zero Waste future and how to get involved. Connect with potential employers at the nonprofit job fair and take to the streets to celebrate green transportation during Philly Free Streets. Keep reading to find out how to Do Something this week.

By Jamie Bogert

The Citizen Recommends: #HipHop Ed

As part of a Drexel series on rethinking learning, Columbia professor Chris Emdin explores the melding of school and culture

By Jamie Bogert

The Citizen Recommends: Blitz, Bow Ties & Bourbon

The annual Malcolm Jenkins Foundation event benefits STEAM education for underserved kids

By Jamie Bogert